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For general questions email us at: 

General Mailing Address:

238 Brock St
Kingston, Ontario


Our Advisory Board:
(Advisory Board elections are held in September at our AGM)

Board Chair

Andrew Taggart

General Board Members
Matthew Countryman
Tommy Vallier
Sarah Gibson-Bray
Brandon Asselbergs Youth Advisor
Cathy Sheppard Bingo Coordinator

Contact Our Staff



Founder of Blue Canoe Productions, Mike has served as the company's Artistic Director/Artistic Producer since its formation in 2006. Mike has shifted into an advisory and support role for the company. Contact Mike with questions around Blue Canoe programming and big picture ideas!

Contacts by Project

Jane Karges- Managing Director of the Juvenis Festival  


Responsible for the day to day operations of the Juvenis Festival and general Blue Canoe administration. Contact Jane for more information on the Juvenis Festival programming, workshops, schedule, or general Blue Canoe questions!

Maddy Scovil- Director of the Musical Theatre Intensive 


Responsible for the development of Blue Canoe's Summer Theatre Program. Contact Maddy with questions regarding our new Musical Theatre Intensive or other education programming from Blue Canoe!

Reid Cunningham- Producer of the Juvenis Festival


Reid works with our partners to create the programming in our youth arts festival. Contact Reid for information on program ad sales, partnership, sponsorship and artistic programming for the Juvenis Festival or information about Blue Canoe programming in the summer!

Stephanie McColm and Melissa Prince- Currators of Viva Voce


Both Stephanie and Melissa select the storytellers and theme of each Viva Voce, they also assist the storytellers prepare their work. Contact Stephanie and Melissa about Viva Voce!

Ryan Cowl- Music Director of Songs & Spirits


Ryan is our Music Director and Producer of Songs & Spirits, he selects the themes, holds auditions and rehearsals and creates the set list for the evening. Contact Ryan about Songs & Spirits!