Production Teams:

Blue Canoe hires Production Teams through anopen application process, posted on this page, any questions about upcoming production team applications please email us at


If you are interested in Directing or Producing with Blue Canoe, please contact, these positions have additional hiring procedures contact for more details. 


Call for Director of the 24 Hour Musical

Blue Canoe is currently searching for a Director for the upcoming fundraiser the 24 Hour Musical. The director is responsible for selecting a show for the event, assisting in production team hiring and casting of the show. 

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact 

You must express your interest before August 1/2017

How it works:

  • No one in the cast will know the musical until the 24 hours begin
  • No one will know the role they will play until the 24 hours begin
  • The audience will not know the show until the 24 hours begin
  • The team will meet together at 7:30pm on a Friday night and will have until 7:30pm the next evening to prepare the show
  • A performance will be held at the end of the 24hours for the public, tickets will be available at the door